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3 Creative Ways to Recycle Shipping Containers

3 creative ways to recycle shipping containers

The lifecycle of a shipping container goes far beyond its time between vessels and ports. In recent years, new trends in the recycling of this type of materials have arisen. Here are some of the most creative ways of giving a second life to shipping containers.

Exhibition stands and pop up stores

This is certainly one of the most popular uses of shipping containers. Given their structure and dimensions, shipping containers become an ideal option for creating exhibition stands for trade shows, fairs and events of all kinds. Many brands […]

Everything about the Food Cold Chain and the Transportation of Perishable Goods


Food and products for human consumption are particularly sensitive goods that must be treated accordingly in the transport process. At EccoFreight we are committed to always offering solutions adapted to each cargo and project, and that is why today we tell you everything you need to know about the food cold chain and the transportation of perishable goods.

Transport regulations for perishable goods

In 1976, the Agreement on the International Carriage of Perishable Foodstuffs and on the Special Equipment to be Used for such Carriage (ATP), developed by the United Nations and aimed at providing legislative measures on […]

2018 in Maritime Transport and Logistics


We just said goodbye to 2018 and at EccoFreight we wanted to go over the most important news happening in the sector in 2018, so that we can provide you with a summary on the trends and data that have marked the last twelve months in the maritime transport and logistics sector. Keep reading to learn more!

Digitization: Blockchain and automation

New shopping trends together with the proliferation of new technologies in all sectors necessarily drive the logistics sector forward on its path towards digital transformation. With the e-commerce sector increasingly growing every year, producers expect an […]

EccoFreight action plan regarding stevedores strike in Spanish ports


 As a consequence of the strike that will take place in the port stowage within the next days: 20th, 22nd and 24th of February.

 We would like to inform you about our action plan to use for our clients, also keep you posted  regarding  the progress of the strike, the prevention plan in case of operational problems and the search of alternatives for each specific situations related to your shipments.

 We have organized an information channel through a focal point Victor Gómez, (victor.gomez@ecco-freight), which will study the particular circumstances of each […]