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Working Towards the Sustainable Development Goals


In 2015, the Sustainable Development Summit was held and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development was presented as a strategic document aimed at guiding countries, companies and individuals in their journeys towards contributing to create a more sustainable world.

Following the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development introduced 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). These 17 goals refer to different areas that require work in order to ensure the well-being and sustainable development of both the planet and all its inhabitants. The 17 goals address issues such as […]

EccoFreight Joins Lognet 9th Annual Conference as New Lognet Member



A few weeks ago, EccoFreight attended the Lognet 9th annual conference, hosted by international freight forwarder network Lognet Global. EccoFreight has recently become a new member.

Lognet 9th Annual Conference Barcelona 2019

The event, held in Barcelona on April 8-11, brought together more than 400 professionals within the logistics sector, providing an ideal space to share knowledge and meet other professionals in the freight forwarding sector.

Throughout the four days of the conference, attendees had the opportunity to be hold several one-on-one meetings with other members of the network, an ideal opportunity […]

Spanish Magazine Inforetail Features EccoFreight’s Latest Developments

inforetail features EccoFreight

A few weeks ago, Spanish magazine Inforetail, specialized in food business, retail and their auxiliary industries, featured EccoFreight’s latest developments, highlighting the company’s latest commitments towards sustainability in the logistics industry.

The news goes over EccoFreight’s trajectory, as the company is celebrating its fifth anniversary in 2019. Inforetail highlighted that EccoFreight’s 2018 turnover amounted to 28 million euros, with more than 21,000 containers shipped throughout the year.

The news also address the company’s commitment to improving sustainability in the logistics sector, which has been EccoFreight’s […]

Personal carbon footprint vs corporate carbon footprint

personal carbon footprint vs corporate carbon footprint

Unfortunately, every activity, product and service comes with a series of greenhouse gas emissions into the planet. The total amount of greenhouse gas emissions coming from each person and organization is often referred to as the carbon footprint: the real environmental impact each person and organization has over the planet.

Everyday activities, including the food we eat, the energy we use, the products we buy and the transport we choose have an impact on our environmental footprint.

Both individuals and organizations inevitably contribute to the emission of greenhouse gases, and managing our resources wisely […]