EccoFreight action plan regarding stevedores strike in Spanish ports


 As a consequence of the strike that will take place in the port stowage within the next days: 20th, 22nd and 24th of February.

 We would like to inform you about our action plan to use for our clients, also keep you posted  regarding  the progress of the strike, the prevention plan in case of operational problems and the search of alternatives for each specific situations related to your shipments.

 We have organized an information channel through a focal point Victor Gómez, (victor.gomez@ecco-freight), which will study the particular circumstances of each company or shipments affected, along with our operational and commercial staff, in order to propose alternatives to avoid shipments delays and possible damages during this strike.

 For any doubt or explanation contact our focal point:

 The strike is a consequence of the judgment of the EU Court of Justice of 2014 that established the liberalization of the port stowage sector, which forces the Spanish government to implement liberalizing measures and the trade unions in the sector do not agree with.

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