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Shipping dry and reefer cargo


One of the most common modes of shipping is dry cargo transport, which covers a wide range of different goods that are transported in shipping containers.

Dry cargo and general cargo do not usually require excessively special treatment: these are goods of a very diverse nature, from materials such as wood and concrete, minerals, as well as chemicals, medical devices, parcels, palletized shipments, and foods that do not require refrigeration, such as grains and cereals.

Food transport – dry and reefer cargo

There is a wide range of food products that do not require refrigeration for transport, such as […]

EccoFreight, Main Logistics Operator of Ebro Foods Group’s Rice Division Herba Ricemills Since 2015


EccoFreight, Main Logistics Operator of Ebro Foods Group’s Rice Division Herba Ricemills Since 2015:

Ebro Foods Group recently published its annual report, a document which also addressed environmental aspects related to its business activity, featuring the logistics carbon footprint assessment and reduction services provided to the company by EccoFreight.

Since 2015, EccoFreight has been the main logistics service provider for Herba Ricemills, the rice division of the Ebro Foods Group, also providing customized carbon footprint assessment services aimed at tracking the emissions generated in the company’s logistics activity.

In the environmental section of the […]

Blockchain in the Logistics Sector

blockchain in the logistics sector

Although logistics has not been one of the first sectors to dive into digital transformation, it is now becoming more and more open to technological innovation and companies are implementing new initiatives designed to improve the efficiency and quality of their services through digitization.

Blockchain in the logistics sector

One of the technological trends becoming stronger in the sector is blockchain technology, which offers many advantages for the logistics chain. Blockchain is the technology that supports bitcoin or cryptocurrency. It is a system that allows automating transactions in a totally transparent manner and without any errors possible since […]

Incoterms 2020: What’s New?

incoterms 2020 whats new

If we think about international trade and the principles guiding it, Incoterms or international commercial terms definitely need to be taken into account.

Created in 1936 by the International Chamber of Commerce, these terms have undergone different modifications until reaching their current version, in force since 2010, and are about to be modified again into their 2020 version, which we are about to thoroughly review in this article.

Incoterms and international trade

Incoterms were created with the aim of enabling a better understanding between the parties involved in an international trade transaction, avoiding possible misunderstandings in the event […]