International trade situation March 2021


In Ecco Freight we work day by day to offer a more efficient service, committing ourselves to your logistics management and anticipating your needs.

Since Covid emergence back in March 19, 2020 we are experiencing a unique situation in terms of rates and space for maritime freight.

The lack of space worldwide along with multiple triggers for the pandemic has led to a considerable increase in prices and a global slowdown in cargo movements.

After the fall of worldwide maritime transportation in 2020 spring , shipping companies have considerably reduced the availability of space on their ships, due to the fact of a demand for PPE (Personal Protective Equipment such as gloves, masks … ), the need of reefer containers for vaccines movements, the reduction of air transport, the changes in commercial flow due to online commerce .. These determining factors  have caused the demand for containers and space to have risen exponentially.

All ports and shippers face a shortage of containers, although the hardest hit are Shenzhen, Xiamen, Shanghai and Ningbo in China. Some points in the US, Vietnam and Thailand are also experiencing this shortage, a major factor in ocean freight rates increase.

At Ecco Freight we are continuously working with international agents and carriers to generate alternatives and ensure as much space as possible, checking the international situation at all times in order to meet your needs. This verification process has taken a leading role in our daily processes, as new regulations and cargo restrictions are being imposed in certain ports.


Trade between the two continents has undergone a strong recovery after the Chinese New Year holidays, possibly due to the fact that the Chinese government has advised its population not to travel, as well as companies have encouraged their workers during these dates.


At this time, the situation remains stable after the resumption of China. The prolonged congestion in the L.A. port is affecting the use of ships, companies are diverting their loads to inland destinations.


The space in te Latin American ports continues to be available, resuming its reserves again. Rates were stable in the first week of march, slightly dropping in the 2nd week. Compared to previous months, carries can easily free up space.

At this time we want to be your partner and remind you that you can count on Ecco Freight for any type of operation. Due to this situation, we have reforced our usual communication channels to be able to solve any doubt you may have.

Breaking news: the world’s largest container ship remains stranded in the Suez Canal, causing the world’s biggest shipping traffic jam. 

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