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EccoFreight Joins Valencia’s International Paella Contest 2019

A few weeks ago, the 30th edition of the International Paella Contest for the Logistics Sector was held in Valencia: definitely a must-go event for the maritime and logistics sector.

As usual, EccoFreight’s Madrid and Seville teams travelled across the country to reunite with their colleagues at EccoFreight Valencia and enjoy a wonderful spring day together with vendors and clients.

More than 9000 people attended this year’s contest, and about 600 paellas were cooked!

As always, it was a pleasure to get together with colleagues and friends and enjoy […]

2018 Milestones at EccoFreight

2018-milestones EccoFreight

A few months ago, we told you about the annual highlights of the logistics and transportation sector, but today we are going to address EccoFreight’s 2018 Milestones.

It was certainly a year full of growth, hard work and new challenges. We finished the year with 30 people in the team, working in our three offices in Spain: Madrid, Valencia and Seville. In addition, we started the air freight service and became an IATA agent, certified by the International Air Transport Association.

For us it is very important to provide innovative technological […]

Energy efficiency and renewable energies


On the occasion of World Energy Efficiency Day, which takes place on March 5 every year, we remember the importance of making the most efficient use of energy, making the most of the available goods and resources.

Energy efficiency does not necessarily imply reducing the comfort provided by energy, which we need and enjoy in our everyday lives, but rather optimizing the amount of resources needed to produce energy and using it wisely.

Climate change and sustainability

Energy efficiency allows us to contribute to the fight against climate change while moving towards a more sustainable reality. With simple […]

Project cargo: Handling Heavy Lifts

project cargo with EccoFreight


Today we are going to be talking about project cargo, which refers to a transportation discipline specialized in heavy lifts and frights of large dimensions that require a high level of specialization so that the entire process runs smoothly.

Factors such as the dimensions and weight of the freight to be shipped are special features to be taken into account in project cargo, as we are often talking about freights that require a solution adapted to each case.

What is exactly shipped when we talk about Project Cargo?

Project cargo comprises those materials which, due to their […]