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Fernando Giménez-Guervós interviewed by Spanish specialized CSR media Corresponsables

6:08 pm
Fernando Gimenez Guervos EccoFreight CEO interviewed by Corresponsables

Corresponsables, a leading Spanish-language CSR media, spoke with Fernando Giménez-Guervós, CEO of EccoFreight, to interview him about the company’s sustainability and CSR policy.

In the interview, Corresponsables begins by talking about the beginnings of EccoFreight in 2014, when it was founded as a freight forwarder focusing on sustainability in the logistics chain through the EccoPrint service. In the words of Giménez, Guervós, “Eccoprint is a software that we developed at the beginning of the company, our idea was to calculate emissions and we have developed it until we have managed not only to […]

Freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain

freight forwarders sustainability advisors

In its January 9 issue, Diario del Puerto featured the milestones hit by EccoFreight during the last year and the challenges ahead.

With sustainability in the spotlight of the logistics sector, many of the companies that take part in the supply chain have decided to look for a less polluting alternative in logistics management, thinking of freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain.

Ever since it was founded in 2014, EccoFreight has focused its freight forwarding services on the assessment and reduction of the carbon footprint of its customers’ logistics operations.

In more than five years, the firm […]

European Parliament declares climate emergency with aviation and maritime transport in the spotlight

european parliament declares climate emergency

The European Parliament declared climate emergency in a resolution adopted with 429 votes at the end of November.

In a detailed resolution that can be found on its official website, the EP highlights several key points to be addressed on the road to decarbonization, with maritime transport being one of the focuses of this agreement.

EC to promote initiatives to limit warming to 1.5°C

The European Parliament reminds the EC of the need to align its proposals with the objective of limiting warming to 1.5°C. As published by the IPCC in its Special Report […]

17 May, World Recycling Day



May 17 marks World Recycling Day, officially declared by UNESCO, and aimed at raising awareness on the importance of recycling as a tool for proper waste management and to paliate climate change.

But what is recycling?

Recycling is understood as the mechanism through which a certain material is processed to later give it a new use. In this way, we put that material back into operation and prevent it from becoming waste.

Glass, paper, metal and plastic are recyclable materials and there are numerous specialized entities in charge of processing this type of waste.

Reduce and […]