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Freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain

freight forwarders sustainability advisors

In its January 9 issue, Diario del Puerto featured the milestones hit by EccoFreight during the last year and the challenges ahead.

With sustainability in the spotlight of the logistics sector, many of the companies that take part in the supply chain have decided to look for a less polluting alternative in logistics management, thinking of freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain.

Ever since it was founded in 2014, EccoFreight has focused its freight forwarding services on the assessment and reduction of the carbon footprint of its customers’ logistics operations.

In more than five years, the firm […]

How to Choose the Right Freight Forwarder for International Shipping

how to choose the right freight forwarder

As we mentioned in a previous article, freight forwarders are a key figure for international shipping, as they coordinate the entire process, acting as a mediator between importer, exporter, and carriers, working on the required formalities, and advising their clients to always find the best fit for each shipment.

The role played by freight forwarders in international shipping

Various actors are involved in international shipping: from the importer and exporter to the carrier or shipping line, but also freight forwarders.

The main difference between the carrier and the freight forwarder is the role they play in the process […]

The Importance of Hiring a Freight Forwarder for International Logistics Operations



Managing the international shipments of your business can be quite a headache: coordinating inland, sea and air freight, insurance work, choosing the right packaging, carrying out customs formalities, verifying the legal implications, managing storage, distributing goods…

It is not only about making sure that the shipment arrives at its destination in perfect conditions, but also about making sure that the process runs out smoothly in an efficient way, both in terms of time and in terms of budget. We’re definitely talking about a complex task.

Therefore, if your business needs a comprehensive solution to take care of all […]

2018 in Maritime Transport and Logistics


We just said goodbye to 2018 and at EccoFreight we wanted to go over the most important news happening in the sector in 2018, so that we can provide you with a summary on the trends and data that have marked the last twelve months in the maritime transport and logistics sector. Keep reading to learn more!

Digitization: Blockchain and automation

New shopping trends together with the proliferation of new technologies in all sectors necessarily drive the logistics sector forward on its path towards digital transformation. With the e-commerce sector increasingly growing every year, producers expect an […]