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The rise of green logistics


Sustainability continues to be in the spotlight of the logistics chain. Up to 800 million tons of co2 emissions worldwide come from logistical processes, and more specifically, from maritime transport. This figure represents 2.5% of the planet’s total co2 emissions.

A wide range of regulations and goals push logistics operators to offer more sustainable solutions. Specifically, Spain plans to reduce its 336 million tons of CO2 emissions to 80 MT by 2050. At a global scale, the International Maritime Organization has imposed a new limit on sulphur emissions from maritime transport, which will enter into force next year […]

The Importance of Hiring a Freight Forwarder for International Logistics Operations



Managing the international shipments of your business can be quite a headache: coordinating inland, sea and air freight, insurance work, choosing the right packaging, carrying out customs formalities, verifying the legal implications, managing storage, distributing goods…

It is not only about making sure that the shipment arrives at its destination in perfect conditions, but also about making sure that the process runs out smoothly in an efficient way, both in terms of time and in terms of budget. We’re definitely talking about a complex task.

Therefore, if your business needs a comprehensive solution to take care of all […]

EccoFreight: 5 Years Driving Sustainable Logistics Forward


A few days ago, the EccoFreight team gathered together to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the company as a sustainable logistics operator.

The members of EccoFreight Madrid, EccoFreight Valencia and EccoFreight Sevilla reunited for a whole weekend to celebrate the company’s achievements in its first five years of activity, review the company’s latest developments, and to look into the future of EccoFreight’s sustainable logistics project with optimism.

Throughout its first five years of activity, EccoFreight has consolidated a staff comprised of 30 employees distributed among its three offices, working together to cover the air, sea and land […]

17 May, World Recycling Day



May 17 marks World Recycling Day, officially declared by UNESCO, and aimed at raising awareness on the importance of recycling as a tool for proper waste management and to paliate climate change.

But what is recycling?

Recycling is understood as the mechanism through which a certain material is processed to later give it a new use. In this way, we put that material back into operation and prevent it from becoming waste.

Glass, paper, metal and plastic are recyclable materials and there are numerous specialized entities in charge of processing this type of waste.

Reduce and […]