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SOLAS rules about new VGM regulation


VGM Mandate considers, as the keys to its optimal implementation, the correct weight of shipment with calibrated and certified scales, shippers responsibility to provide the correct VGM in advance and the information to all actors in the logistics chain before containers arrive at either terminal.
The SOLAS mandate requires that shippers provide the weight of each container to carriers using one of two methods:

weight the container after it is loaded and sealed.
weight each individual package and cargo item (including packaging and dunnage/ securing materials) and add the Tare weight of the container.

All weighing needs to be done […]

Meeting with Agents


As every year, we celebrated the annual meeting with our partners to discuss the development of our current year and the results of our strategies.

This year was a very special meeting, because we faced with the illusion of putting the implementation of our brand in some geographical points.

The Joint venture agreements have already been started in the first phase and before the end of the year, we believe EccoFreight will offer its services with our brand in Thailand, India and Cambodia.

Our idea is to continue the expansion and achieve similar agreements in South America […]

Sial China


From May 5th to 7th we participated in the largest international exhibition fair of the Food and Beverages Industry in China, our participation in the past 3 days have been very interesting because year after year this fair is becoming as one of the most influential worldwide.

We share with customers and suppliers the opening of new markets for Spanish fruit, as well as the interest of Spanish importers for Asian products […]



One year more and keeping with the tradition of many years in our industry, EccoFreight joins to the Paellas Day celebration in Valencia.

As always, we take this occasion to gather our teams and reconnect with colleagues and acquaintances in our sector.

After spending a great day in the port esplanade, we held a dinner where we exchange our experiences and took the opportunity to team up for the rest of the year […]