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EccoFreight’s carbon footprint acknowledged by MITECO


A few days ago EccoFreight received the “Calculation” seal, granted by the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition (MITECO), after having registered its carbon footprint assessment before this institution. The freight forwarder, which has registered its carbon footprint for the years 2017 and 2018, has obtained the “calculation” seal, granted after registering the company’s scope 1+2 and 3 carbon footprint assessment before the MITECO.

This acknowledgement shows the environmental commitment of the company, founded to promote sustainability in the maritime sector through the provision of services aimed at helping customers find […]

Global Sustainable Shipping and Ports Forum 2019


Last week the Global Sustainable Shipping and Ports Forum 2019 was held in Copenhagen, a meeting between different companies and institutions within the maritime community whose purpose was to share knowledge on the latest developments in sustainability in the logistics and port sectors.

On September25 and 26, the Danish capital hosted more than 90 companies and institutions from the maritime sector, including shipping companies, carriers, logistics operators, port authorities, technology companies, fuel companies, etc.

The agenda of the event was divided into different topics comprised conferences and panels joined by industry experts. Fernando Giménez-Guervós […]

World Maritime Day 2019


Today, Thursday September 26, we celebrate World Maritime Day, held the fourth Thursday of September every year. Do you want to know what is the origin of this date, what is the theme of World Maritime Day 2019 and many other details? We’ll tell you about it below.

Currently, maritime transport moves 90% of international trade, and is therefore of vital importance for the development of the global economy. But not only now; shipping has always played a key role in history, making new discoveries possible and allowing any product to be enjoyed anywhere in the world.

From […]

What you need to know about IMO 2020


As one of the world’s largest industries, shipping plays a key role in the path towards decarbonization. Greenhouse gas emissions from the sector account for 2.5% of the total emissions released into the atmosphere, and many regulations have emerged and continue to emerge in order to reduce this impact and its environmental consequences. If you want to discover what you need to know about IMO 2020 keep reading.

One of these regulations is the global limit imposed by the IMO on the sulphur content of fuel used for maritime transport. On January […]

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