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EU Green Deal: Reducing shipping emissions in the sportlight

EU green deal

On December 11, 2019, the European Commission published the official communication introducing the new European Green Deal, an agreement released after the institution declared climate emergency at the end of November.

The purpose of this agreement is to achieve carbon neutrality on the European continent by 2050, and various measures and fields of action aimed at making this possible are detailed. In the words of President Úrsula von der Leyen: “The European Green Deal is our new growth strategy; we believe in a growth that provides more than it consumes. It shows how to transform our way of living and […]

The role played by IATA agents in air freight

The role played by IATA agents in air freight

Although maritime transport is the predominant mode of shipping goods internationally, in certain cases the process requires the combination of several types of transport, i.e. it requires intermodal or multimodal transport services.

Air transport of goods provides a higher speed than that provided by other shipping alternatives and is sometimes a necessary step to ensure the correct shipment of goods.

Air freight: freight forwarder, freight agent and IATA agent

Three key figures can be mentioned in the air transport of goods: the freight forwarder, the freight agent, and the IATA agent.

A freight forwarder is responsible for […]

Freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain

freight forwarders sustainability advisors

In its January 9 issue, Diario del Puerto featured the milestones hit by EccoFreight during the last year and the challenges ahead.

With sustainability in the spotlight of the logistics sector, many of the companies that take part in the supply chain have decided to look for a less polluting alternative in logistics management, thinking of freight forwarders as sustainability advisors in the supply chain.

Ever since it was founded in 2014, EccoFreight has focused its freight forwarding services on the assessment and reduction of the carbon footprint of its customers’ logistics operations.

In more than five years, the firm […]

Sustainable forwarding for an eco-friendly supply chain

sustainable forwarding in the supply chain

EccoFreight has participated in the latest issue of Inforetail magazine, a Spanish publication specialized in the retail sector, as a logistics operator specialized in sustainable forwarding.

Sustainability remains in the spotlight as one of the main challenges that the maritime industry needs to face: polluting emissions derived from the transport of goods are at unacceptable levels, as stated by the IMO, and it is of vital importance that all parties act to stop this situation: “one of the main challenges that the logistics industry faces is the adaptation of its services to the sustainability demanded by the market and the […]