The role played by IATA agents in air freight

The role played by IATA agents in air freight

Although maritime transport is the predominant mode of shipping goods internationally, in certain cases the process requires the combination of several types of transport, i.e. it requires intermodal or multimodal transport services.

Air transport of goods provides a higher speed than that provided by other shipping alternatives and is sometimes a necessary step to ensure the correct shipment of goods.

Air freight: freight forwarder, freight agent and IATA agent

Three key figures can be mentioned in the air transport of goods: the freight forwarder, the freight agent, and the IATA agent.

  1. A freight forwarder is responsible for managing the entire process of transporting goods, coordinating shipments both nationally and internationally, taking care of everything that is necessary for the goods to reach their destination by land, sea and air.
  2. The air freight forwarder is the figure in charge of coordinating the air freight process, however he cannot issue documentation or act on behalf of the airlines.
  3. IATA agents, on the other hand, has been certified by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) as an authorized air cargo agent and therefore has the power to issue documentation such as AWB and B/L and also to act on behalf of the airlines, guaranteeing maximum security and speeding up the process of international air cargo transport.


Requirements for becoming an IATA agent

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) can certify both freight forwarders and travel agents. There are a number of requirements for a company to be certified as an IATA agent, relating to economic issues and also technical solvency within the team. The company that opts for such certification must prove that it has the necessary infrastructure to offer a quality air cargo service that guarantees maximum security in the process.

Sustainable logistics with EccoFreight: certified IATA agents in air freight

EccoFreight is an international logistics operator authorized as an IATA Agent and offers its customers intermodal logistics services aimed at reducing the carbon footprint of freight transport. Our team of professionals in airfreight services will find the tailor-made solution that your project needs. You can contact us by e-mail at or by phone at (+34) 912 049 565.

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