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Sustainable forwarding for an eco-friendly supply chain

sustainable forwarding in the supply chain

EccoFreight has participated in the latest issue of Inforetail magazine, a Spanish publication specialized in the retail sector, as a logistics operator specialized in sustainable forwarding.

Sustainability remains in the spotlight as one of the main challenges that the maritime industry needs to face: polluting emissions derived from the transport of goods are at unacceptable levels, as stated by the IMO, and it is of vital importance that all parties act to stop this situation: “one of the main challenges that the logistics industry faces is the adaptation of its services to the sustainability demanded by the market and the […]

Spanish magazine Logística Industrial 2000 features EccoFreight’s latest developments

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EccoFreight on Logistica Industrial 2000 magazine

Recently, Logística Industrial 2000 magazine, a Spanish publication specializing in the logistics sector, reported on the latest developments of EccoFreight, highlighting the company’s latest efforts in the area of sustainable logistics.

The article goes over the history of the company, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2019, highlighting that EccoFreight’s turnover amounted to 28 million Euros in 2018, with more than 21,000 containers shipped.

The media refers to the company’s commitment to improving sustainability in the logistics chain, its main commitment since it was founded in 2014: “Ever since we founded the company, we have […]

How to Choose the Right Freight Forwarder for International Shipping

how to choose the right freight forwarder

As we mentioned in a previous article, freight forwarders are a key figure for international shipping, as they coordinate the entire process, acting as a mediator between importer, exporter, and carriers, working on the required formalities, and advising their clients to always find the best fit for each shipment.

The role played by freight forwarders in international shipping

Various actors are involved in international shipping: from the importer and exporter to the carrier or shipping line, but also freight forwarders.

The main difference between the carrier and the freight forwarder is the role they play in the process […]

The rise of green logistics


Sustainability continues to be in the spotlight of the logistics chain. Up to 800 million tons of co2 emissions worldwide come from logistical processes, and more specifically, from maritime transport. This figure represents 2.5% of the planet’s total co2 emissions.

A wide range of regulations and goals push logistics operators to offer more sustainable solutions. Specifically, Spain plans to reduce its 336 million tons of CO2 emissions to 80 MT by 2050. At a global scale, the International Maritime Organization has imposed a new limit on sulphur emissions from maritime transport, which will enter into force next year […]