Fernando Giménez-Guervós interviewed by Spanish specialized CSR media Corresponsables

Fernando Gimenez Guervos EccoFreight CEO interviewed by Corresponsables

Corresponsables, a leading Spanish-language CSR media, spoke with Fernando Giménez-Guervós, CEO of EccoFreight, to interview him about the company’s sustainability and CSR policy.

In the interview, Corresponsables begins by talking about the beginnings of EccoFreight in 2014, when it was founded as a freight forwarder focusing on sustainability in the logistics chain through the EccoPrint service. In the words of Giménez, Guervós, “Eccoprint is a software that we developed at the beginning of the company, our idea was to calculate emissions and we have developed it until we have managed not only to calculate emissions but also reductions and thus be able to suggest alternatives to customers”. As to the reductions made possible by the use of EccoPrint, Giménez-Guervós points out that usually around 10 to 15% of emissions reductions is achieved by EccoFreight customers, with maximized reductions especially in maritime transport operations.

Corresponsables also addressed other projects that EccoFreight is currently working on, such as Eccologistics 360, the platform designed so that customers with their own logistics operations can calculate emissions measurements through their forwarders.

Corresponsables also talks about another of the projects EccoFreight is currently working on: the freight forwarding network for sustainable logistics, Ecconetwork. Giménez-Guervós stresses that this initiative arises from the market’s own interest: “Every time we attend an international congress, we would trigger a lot of interest in our competitors or companies similar to ours who want to provide their companies with the same added value that we provide to our customers. So we are going to create an international network of companies similar to ours, in the same sector, whose objective is also to raise environmental awareness among their customers through carbon footprint assessment and emissions reduction plans.”

You can read and listen to the full interview here.

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