Update: International trade situation April 2020

international trade situation april2020

Up to April 6 in Spain we have already added 23 days of decreed alarm status. The logistics sector is also adapting to the new situation, like all economic sectors, however at EccoFreight we consider ourselves privileged, because we continue working  at full capacity to ensure the supply chain and the service of our clients, both now and future. , and we are also contributing our grain of sand to the fight against Covid-19.

The logistics sector is also working to adapt to the new situation, but at EccoFreight we consider ourselves privileged, because we continue working to ensure the supply chain and service for our clients, both now and in future, and we are also contributing our bit of sand to the fight against the Covid-19.

In this post we leave you a summary of the global situation by geographical areas. As you can see the maximum impact that is being seen is in space availability and containers, however we have being able to solve it without major setbacks.


In Europe we find a very clear commitment to the supply chain, which is why all governments are working in order that, it is not affected despite the legislation that is being implemented to stop the pandemic. As an example, we see that in Barcelona´s port, significant reductions are being made in storage rates while the alert state continues, and it is expected that it may occur in other ports as well.

Asia Pacific

The 21-days closure of the country decreed by the Indian government is affecting all services in the country, however the Indian ports continue to operate normally, although with less activity. This issue is causing delays in imports and exports departuring from there. In addition, the Indian government has implemented a 14-day quarantine for ships coming from China.

In the rest of the Asia-Pacific ports, cargo continues to move normally, although there are forecasts indicating that services will decrease in the coming weeks, due to the global situation.

Middle East África

In the Middle East and Africa, all port operations are operating normally, although rates are increasing and perishable goods movements are given priority. All local governments understand that logistics processes and supply chain are a basic pillar to protect and maintain. We are keeping the situation in that area under continuous observation as the Ramadan season is near.


The situation we find in the Americas is of tranquility and commitment to international trade traffic. Although the carrying capacity is being less than usual, we see that trade with the rest of the continents continues to be as expected, and both by air, sea and land the activity is continuing.

How we are solving it

From EccoFreight we leave you some recommendations to implement in your company that will guarantee the proper functioning of the chain:

-We strongly recommend that you manage your bookings as far in advance as possible, contact your sales agent, if you need help to do so, and keep them updated regularly.

-It is important that you take into account the possibility of creating an additional stock, whether is possible for your business type.

-Keep all parties involved in the supply chain aware of the international situation, this will make it easier for all the actors involved in the supply chain to know the importance of their role at the moment. You can forward our emails or write to us, so that we can send them directly to you.

-In case of any doubt that may arise in the face of the global commercial situation, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here for you.

For our part, we are making every effort to guarantee the proper functioning of your logistics operations, keeping all processes under control and keeping ourselves updated on the global situation at all times:

-We are especially aware of the blank sailings that may arise, having controlled in the different ports of all the shipping companies and departures of each week,  in case we need to change providers to ensure that your cargo leaves port.

-We are in permanent contact with our international agents, in order to offer you the official information at first hand.

-Our traffic agents are being informed at all times, so they can help you carry out the necessary bookings anticipations.

In this time of social distancing due to the global crisis of Covid-19,  we want to be closer to all of you, we encourage you to consult any doubt you may have about logistics, commercial, legal… Either general or concrete for your company.

We are here to support you.



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