Spanish magazine Logística Industrial 2000 features EccoFreight’s latest developments

EccoFreight on Logistica Industrial 2000 magazine

Recently, Logística Industrial 2000 magazine, a Spanish publication specializing in the logistics sector, reported on the latest developments of EccoFreight, highlighting the company’s latest efforts in the area of sustainable logistics.

The article goes over the history of the company, which celebrated its fifth anniversary in 2019, highlighting that EccoFreight’s turnover amounted to 28 million Euros in 2018, with more than 21,000 containers shipped.

The media refers to the company’s commitment to improving sustainability in the logistics chain, its main commitment since it was founded in 2014: “Ever since we founded the company, we have maintained a strong commitment to sustainability, and through the use of cutting-edge technologies we offer our customers environmentally friendly logistics solutions,” said Fernando Giménez-Guervós, CEO of EccoFreight.

The services for measuring and reducing co2 emissions provided by EccoFreight are another of the topics covered by the magazine, which in the article highlights the use of EccoPrint as a tool for measuring greenhouse gas emissions in maritime transport. “With over 1800 routes measured in the last five years, EccoPrint calculations are based on ISO 14001 and 14064 standards and comply with GHG Protocol and PAS 2050 standards,” adds Logística Industrial 2000.

Finally, the article features the Eccologistics 360 project: one of the latest developments of EccoFreight. Eccologistics 360 seeks to bring freight forwarding co2 carbon footprint assessment and reduction services closer to those companies whose logistics needs are already covered, as a tool for transparency and true certification of their environmental impact.

For further information, you can check the full article by Logística Industrial 2000 below.


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