International trade situation May 2020


At EccoFreight we are working to give you all our strength to ensure your logistic needs, now and in the coming months. Relaying in our experience and solvency in these moments is a safe value.

In this post you can find a summary of the global situation by geographical areas. The maximum impact we found is regarding the space availability and containers. We recommend you to plan your supply chain in advance, and remember that if you have any questions, you can count on us to resolve it.


The decrease in production of each country marks the port activity, however European ports maintain their work and efforts to ensure that their movement flows, especially with decisions that facilitate import and export activities.

In Spain we begin the de-escalated phases this week, this will facilitate the movement for starting the consumption.

Both in air and sea traffic we see that, although the availability of space is less, we have not found any setbacks to solve the logistical needs of our clients.


Production in China has already normalized to previous levels before the Coronavirus crisis. National transport and port operations are now normal, although some ports face to serious congestion and delays in cargo operations. At EccoFreight we have a wide experience working with the Asian giant, which is ensuring that at this time we do not have problems when making transactions in the country.

India’s situation is also beginning to normalize after the impact of port activities during the country’s closure.


In Middle East and Africa we noticed that there are greater tensions than weeks ago. Countries like Iraq, Kenya or Uganda keep their borders closed, only allowing the entry or delivery of essential goods. We recommend you to plan your operations in this area in advance, as the rates for freight and charter flights are increasing their prices.


In North America and LatAm we see that the freight traffic operation are carrying with a relatively normal rhythm, although with significant capacity reductions, it is difficult to find guarantees in transit times. Ports are working under normal conditions, although with a reduction in their productivity due to the global situation.

At these times, we want to stay by your side and also remind you that you can count on us for any operation. Having a logistics partner like EccoFreight is a safe bet in uncertain times, and a guarantee that your supply chain will not be affected by any complications.

We have reinforced our communication channels to ensure that in case of any doubt you may arise, EccoFreight will be here to resolve it.

We are here to support you.

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